4.264 Release Notes

This release has more fixes for the intermittent bugs on older devices, along with 2 new features.

First is the “Clear All” Button (The “X” next to the Email Icon), which clears all your answers on the form screen.

Second is the “Easy Mode” for inspections.  A new option can be set on the Organization level to allow inspections to be completed without having to go into the question.   This will need to be turned on in the organization settings screen on the web portal to be available.

Additionally, If your organization uses Location Inspections, the navigation has been improved.  Formerly, in order to go back and forth between locations while doing an inspection, you need to click the blue “Back to All Areas” button – which is confusing sometimes because you tend to click the Previous or the back button at the top

Now, you can just click the back button at the top as normal – or the Prev button at the bottom:

You can now also work on inspections using the Easy Mode, with Location Inspections: